Did you know that the managed services market is valued at $152.05 billion per annum? In the field of IT, managed services have become more a necessity than a luxury. But do you know how to find the best one for your needs?

With just a little research and questioning, you can find a great one. Read on as we discuss five questions to ask a potential managed IT company.

What Services Are Covered?

Managed IT companies each offer different levels of service. You need to know what is not provided in the contract as much as what will. This is important because you may then end up paying extra fees that can cut into your budget drastically.

You also need to know the length of the contract. You don’t want to be in a long, multi-year contract with a provider who does not cater to what you need. Thus, ensure clarity from the start.

What Is Their Response Time?

If your network goes down, so does your productivity, and that costs money. If you are selling products on your website, then any problems are also damaging your reputation as well as your profit. Therefore, you need someone who can respond quickly to any problems.

Ask them what happens if your infrastructure does collapse or go down. What do their staff and systems do to resolve the incident quickly? Find out how problems are logged and who they are sent to after this.

Do They Outsource?

Lots of IT jobs are outsourced with little problem. However, when it comes to managed IT services you need a company that has minimal to no outsourcing.

Hiring outsourced workers for jobs is going to take time, and as previously discussed, time is money. In addition, outsourced workers often have multiple jobs going at any one time. You are paying for a service and should have the undivided attention of the staff that work there and their expertise, not someone who has little affiliation to your company.

What Are Your Data Handling Policies?

When it comes to a managed IT provider and data, you are looking for clarity. Some companies may be collecting data to improve their services. Others may be collecting data so they can sell it afterward.

Regardless of their intention, clarity is important because you can opt out. However, a company that hides its data policies or is reluctant to reveal them is not one you will want to do business with.

What Are Your Preventative Measures?

When a problem arises, the damage is already done. Something has gone down or stopped working, and that is costing you. Thus, preventative measures are always more important.

The company needs to be thinking ahead. They should be telling you how they can support and protect your assets six and twelve months down the line.

Searching for a Managed IT Company

Now you know the questions to ask a managed IT company, shop around. Interview two or three potential candidates, weighing up service against price. You are bound to find a great one to suit your needs.

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