IT budgets were estimated to rise by 44% this year. Small businesses saw a bright future ahead and wanted to upgrade their systems to match market growth.

Then in March 2020, everything changed.

Many companies are facing an uncertain future and have had to cut expenses. If your business needs to reduce its IT costs then read on.

This article gives 5 IT cost reduction tips that can help balance your bottom line.

From outsourcing tech support to making cost savings using the Cloud, we list options you can implement today.

1. Managed IT Services

If you currently manage all your IT requirements in-house then consider outsourcing to a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

MSPs offer a range of services like network security, tech support, and backup solutions. Everything’s managed remotely and a good provider is available 24/7.

MSPs are proactive, meaning they actively ensure your systems stay up-to-date.

Keeping antivirus definitions current on all your computers is time-consuming and costly. But an MSP does this behind the scenes meaning less disruption to your working day.

You don’t need to hire expensive employees so you’ll reduce HR costs. And outsourcing comes at a competitive price so you’re sure to get the best deal.

2. Virtualize to Monetize

Virtualization technology uses the full power of your existing network to make one computer act like two or more.

A virtual server lets you host several operating systems or applications on one machine. You no longer need an email server and file server. Combine them both using virtualization.

This results in less capital spend, lower energy costs, and improved disaster recovery.

3. Open Source Solutions

Do you pay a fortune to Microsoft for its Office software each year? Or for their Windows operating system?

Open-source software solutions offer a cheaper and often free alternative.

Office suites like Libre Office provide word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations at no cost. It works with all MS Office file types so your existing documents will still work.

Open-source apps exist for all business needs like payroll and accounting. Ask your IT provider for advice on what to use.

4. Digitize Communications

Don’t use expensive traditional phone systems to make calls.

VoIP and video conferencing are modern alternatives and offer significant savings. They use your Internet connection to make calls worldwide at a fraction of the cost.

With features like virtual numbers and free call forwarding, you need to take advantage of digital comms.

5. Host Data on the Cloud

Cloud storage offers significant savings compared to local file servers.

You pay for what you use based on storage amount and transfer. Rates start at several dollars for gigabytes of data.

Your information is kept secure as Cloud providers are required to be regulatory compliant. You can access data from anywhere and that includes employees working from home.

Easier, faster, and cheaper. Cloud data hosting will reduce your costs and improve your workflow.

Simplify Your IT Cost Reduction With INS

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