If you’re running any kind of company, chances are you had to quickly switch to a remote work system due to the lockdown. While this new work method has many exciting possibilities, it also exposes your company to some new business cyber security risks. 

So how can you keep your organization safe without compromising on productivity? This article gives some helpful hints on keeping your company secure while your staff work from home. 

1. Use a VPN

While you might be familiar with VPNs as a means to access geographically restricted websites and services, you can also use them for business cyber security. 

The best business cyber security practices involve using VPNs because they allow you to encrypt your network traffic. This makes it a lot more difficult for any bad actors to incept it. 

2. Don’t Use Public Wifi

You need to make it a company policy not to allow your workers to use public wifi networks when working. When you use public wifi, the things you send over the network could easily be intercepted by cybercriminals. 

You need to make sure that when working from home that people only use secured networks from a trusted provider. While working out in a cafe might be fun, it’s a terrible practice from a cyber security perspective. 

3. Home Routers

Even if your workers only connect to your company through their home networks, this is still a risk if that network hasn’t been properly secured. One of the most important business cyber security tips is to make sure your employees are using secure routers

Some employees will keep their home router on the default user name and password. This is a terrible security practice as it means that cybercriminals could easily access that network. 

Any router that hasn’t been secured like this is almost as bad as using a public wifi network. It might make sense to purchase routers for your employees that you know have good security. 

This will also help you to make sure every employee has their router configured correctly and securely. Doing this when everyone is using different models and brands would be incredibly time-consuming. 

4. Home Computers

You should also be cautious about allowing your employees to use their home computers. This is important business cyber security advice as home computers might have all kinds of malware or security vulnerabilities. 

There’s really no way for you to know how secure or insecure a personal computer is. If you really want to make sure everything is locked down, you should supply your employees with company laptops. 

This enables you to have much more control over the devices your employees use. 

These Tips Can Help With Business Cyber Security

If you’re a company that recently switched to a home-working setup, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the cyber security considerations. If you want to make sure there are no holes in your business cyber security, it really makes sense to work with a managed IT services company. 

If you want to work with a professional company that can patch up any security holes in your organization, contact us today.