The world of cloud computing permeates modern culture. Even people who don’t really understand the cloud often rely on cloud computing services or processes. Backing up pictures from phones or syncing local documents to third-party services are common examples. Businesses routinely use cloud services for essential data backups and disaster recovery. Most people and businesses rely on public cloud services. The question for most people is whether they can depend on public cloud security.

Are you wondering, “Is the public cloud secure? Keep reading for what you need to know.

Public Cloud vs Private Cloud

Before diving into the security issues, it’s helpful if you understand that cloud services come in both public and private varieties. With a private cloud, you get dedicated hardware that only you can access by way of a private network. You may maintain the hardware on-site or use a third party, but no one else can use the hardware.

With public cloud services, a third-party business buys, maintains, and runs the hardware and network. Multiple individuals or businesses operate on the same hardware and can access the network.

Public Cloud Security Concerns

Public cloud security concerns come in a couple of key forms. While a third party can offer security features, it’s typically up to the individual or business to turn them on. When you don’t enable those security features, you often end up with data breaches.

It’s a problem that affects major companies, as well as small ones. Overlooking database security measures is a very common issue.

The other major concern is that anyone can access the hardware and network by making an account. That makes it almost impossible to completely prevent hackers from attempting to breach security from the inside.

Other common concerns public cloud data security concerns include phishing and social engineering schemes to obtain user credentials.

How You Can Make the Public Cloud More Secure

Public cloud data security isn’t particularly different from in-house cybersecurity. Here are some public cloud security tips.

Use good login credential procedures. You can force password updates on a regular basis and requiring strong passwords. Double-check that you turned on key security features, such as data encryption and firewalls.

Not sure you can handle the security? You can also look for managed IT services that help you set up and maintain the security on your cloud services. These services often provide public cloud services, which means they know their system better than anyone.

Public Cloud Security and You

Using public cloud services means making a tradeoff between usefulness and security. No public cloud security will prove absolute. There are simply too many ways for bad-faith actors to access the network and hardware that the service provider can’t prevent.

However, you can enhance your security with commonsense measures like enabling security features and using good password protocols. You can also use experts to help you set up your security.

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